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SOFAStack™ (Scalable Open Financial Architecture Stack) is a collection of cloud native middleware components, which are designed to build distributed systems with high performance and reliability, and have been fully validated by mission-critical financial business scenarios.

Home Page: https://www.sofastack.tech

Source Code: https://github.com/sofastack


  • SOFABoot is a development framework open sourced by Ant Financial which is based on Spring Boot, provides capabilities such as Readiness Check, class isolation, log space isolation and asynchronous initialization of bean.
  • SOFARPC is a high-performance, high-extensibility, production-level Java RPC framework.
  • SOFAMesh SOFAMesh is a large-scale implementation solution for Service Mesh which is improved and extended based on Istio.
  • SOFAMosn SOFAMosn(Modular Observable Smart Network) is a powerful proxy acting as Service Mesh’s data plane written in Go.
  • SOFATracer SOFATracer is a distributed link tracing system based onOpenTracing specification.
  • SOFALookout SOFALookout is a lightweight and open source middleware service that solves the metrics and monitoring issues of the system.
  • SOFABolt SOFABolt is a network communication framework implemented based on Netty.
  • SOFAArk SOFAArk is a light-weight, java based classloader isolation framework.
  • SOFAJarslink Is a dynamic modules and merged deployments solution based on SOFAArk.
  • SOFAActs ACTS (AntCoreTest) is a white-box testing framework that is based on the accumulation of testing practices for financial-grade distributed architectures.
  • SOFAJraft SOFAJRaft is a production-grade, high-performance Java implementation based on the RAFT consensus algorithm.
  • SOFARegistry SOFARegistry is a production ready, high efficient, highly available service registry.
  • SOFADashboard Is a one-stop console of SOFAStack.

More projects in: github/sofastack


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    • DingTalk Group:「SOFAStack Online service」, If you have used any SOFAStack related components in a production environment, please let us know, and we will invite you to join this group for faster communication and more efficient use of problem support online.
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