Main Projects

SOFABoot is a development framework based on Spring Boot, provides capabilities such as Readiness Check, class isolation, log space isolation and asynchronous initialization of bean.

SOFARPC is a high-performance, high-extensibility, production-level Java RPC framework.

SOFATracer is a distributed link tracing system based on OpenTracing specification.

SOFALookout is a project that measures and monitors target systems using multi-dimensional metrics.

SOFARegistry is a production-level, low-latency, and highly available service registry powered by Ant Financial.

Incubating Projects

SOFAMesh is a solution for large-scale Service Mesh based on Istio.

SOFADashboard is a control client of the SOFAStack ecology, providing functions such as application information viewing, service governance, and dynamic module control.

Tool Projects

SOFABolt is a Netty-based network communication framework.

SOFAJRaft is a production-level high-performance Java implementation based on the RAFT consensus algorithm. It supports MULTI-RAFT-GROUP and is suitable for high-load and low-latency scenarios.

AntCoreTest (ACTS) is a white-box testing framework designated for providing enterprises with highly efficient, precise, and automated interface testing services.

SOFAArk is a light-weight, java based classloader isolation framework.

Ecosystem Projects

MOSN is a powerful cloud native proxy written in Golang.

Occlum is a memory-safe, multi-process library OS for Intel SGX.

Seata is an easy-to-use, high-performance, open source distributed transaction solution.

Layotto is an application runtime developed using Golang, which provides various distributed capabilities for applications.