SOFAStack Cloud Native Workshop

Build microservices with SOFAStack

This guide introduces how to quickly build a microservice based on SOFAStack.

SOFABoot dynamic module practice

This guide introduce how to implement the merged deployment and dynmaic module push provided by SOFAArck based on the Ark control function of SOFADashboard.

Seata distributed transaction practice

This guide introduces how to use the AT mode and TCC mode of the open-source distributed transaction framework Seata to solve the final consistency of service data.

Build applications on the cloud based on Serverless

With this guide, you can experience new features such as quick creation of Serveless applications, automatic second-level 0-1-N scaling based on service requests, quick troubleshooting via log viewer, and application startup at fixed time.

Put Service Mesh into practice with CloudMesh

This guide introduces how to quickly deploy applications to CloudMesh, access services, monitor traffic, experience service governance, manage Sidecar, and perform gray release of new versions of services.