Developer guide

Update time: 2019-08-20

1. How to compile

Install JDK7 or later versions, and Maven 3.2.5 or later versions. Directly download the code, and execute the following command in the code directory:

mvn clean install

2. Version release

Version number

ACTS uses a three-digit version number in the form of major, minor, and patch, for example, 1.0.1.

For more information, see

  • Major version number: All versions within a major version number must be compatible with each other. They are not necessarily compatible with other major versions. However, it is best to be downward compatible.
  • Minor version number: represents feature enhancement. The larger the version number, more features it has.
  • Patch number: represents the BugFix version. Such versions are only used for bug fixing. The larger the version number, the more stable the application is.

Version maintenance

At most two versions can be maintained simultaneously.

For example, if the current version of the master branch code is 1.3.0, the BugFix branch of version 1.2.x will be maintained, but bugs in branch 1.1.x will no longer be fixed. Therefore, a version upgrade for 1.1.x is recommended.

Release process

  • The develop branches use SNAPSHOT versions, for example, 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT.
  • Upon formal release, SNAPSHOT is replaced with a formal version number, for example 1.3.0.
  • After the formal release, the next version is pulled, for example, 1.3.1-SNAPSHOT.

3. Testing

Unit test

Add the unit test case to the model that you have developed. The package name of the test class is identical to that of the tested class.