Ark container startup process

Update time: 2019-06-21

Ark container start process

The startup process of the Ark container is illustrated as follows:

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Ark Service is a service in the Ark container. The underlying layer uses Guice to manage the service. The service is provided with the lifecycle interface

public interface ArkService {

     * Ark Service init
     * @throws ArkException
    void init() throws ArkException;

     * Ark Service dispose
     * @throws ArkException
    void dispose() throws ArkException;


After the service implements the preceding lifecycle interface, the Ark Service container invokes the interface when it starts and stops.

Pipeline service

Pipeline is also a service registered in the Ark Service container. The service itself has no order or priority. The service is assembled in the Pipeline while the entire Ark container starts.

Archive parsing

At the very beginning of Pipeline, the running fatjar will be resolved into the models required for runtime, including the Ark plug-in model and the Ark business model, which are registered to the PluginManagerService and the BizManagerService in the Ark Service.

Deploy the Ark plug-in

Get all the Ark plug-ins from the PluginManagerService in the order of their priorities: * ClassloaderService prepares for the map mapping of plug-in export class * PluginDeployService starts

Start the Ark business

Get all the Ark business from the BizManagerService, and execute the entry main function provided by the business configuration in the Main-Class attribute of MANIFEST.MF.