Client configuration

Update time: 2019-07-25

Client configuration example


Description of server configuration item

Configuration item Corresponding SpringBoot configuration item Default value Description
lookout.enable true Function switch, it defaults to true. If you change it to false (empty objects and empty methods), then all metrics comsume almost no memory and computing resource
lookout.max.metrics.num 5000 Maximum number limit of metrics, over which will be automatically ignored
lookout.prometheus.exporter.server.port 9494 The port got by Prometheus
Lookout.exporter.enable false Whether or not to enable services that support passive collection - Proactively report the annotation address of the Agent server. Multiple addresses are separated by commas

Description of client log configuration

Configuration item of system property Corresponding SpringBoot configuration item Default Value Description warn The log level of Lookout client. Debug to see the details of the report data
-Dlogging.path=? logging.path Directory of the current user Modify SpringBoot V1 log directory, including “lookout/” log subdirectory

Custom client configuration (suitable for SpringBoot technology stack mode)

Use configuration custom extensions: MetricConfigCustomizerConfig

public class MetricConfigCustomizerConfig {

    public MetricConfigCustomizer metricConfigCustomizer() {
        return new MetricConfigCustomizer() {
            public void customize(MetricConfig metricConfig) {
                metricConfig.addProperty("testaa", "testbb");