SOFATracer configuration items

Update time: 2019-06-21

SOFATracer configuration item

After introducing SOFATracer, you can add related configuration items in Spring Boot configuration file to customize the behaviors of SOFATracer.

For SOFATracer log output directory, you can configure logging.path in, then the log output path is ${logging.path}/tracelog; if logging.path is not configured, the default output path is ${user.home}/logs/tracelog.

Configuration item Description Default value
logging.path log output directory SOFATracer output logs to logging.path directory in priority; If the directory is not configured, log will be output to ${user.home} by default. Disable all integrated SOFATracer summary log printing false[${logType}] Disable specific SOFATracer summary log printing of ${logType}. ${logType} indicates the log type, such as spring-mvc-digest.log false SOFATracer log rolling policy yyyy-MM-dd:roll by day;
yyyy-MM-dd_HH:roll by hour;
Logs are not rolled by day by default. Retention days of SOFATracer logs Retained for 7 days by default. Time interval of statistical logs, unit: second Output statistical logs once every 60 seconds by default Maximum length for retaining penetration data Default: 1024 Whether to enable SOFATracer remote data reporting to Zipkin true: enable; false: disable. Disabled by default. The address Zipkin address to which SOFATracer remotely reports data, which works only in the case of Format: http: //${host}:${port} Order validated by SOFATrace Filter intergrated in SpringMVC -2147483647(org.springframework.core.Ordered#HIGHEST_PRECEDENCE + 1) URL Pattern paths validated by SOFATrace Filter intergrated in SpringMVC /*: All validated