SOFABolt overview

Update time: 2019-08-20


SOFABolt is a network communication framework implemented based on Netty and developed by Ant Finance.

  • Netty was developed to let Java programmers focus more on the implementation of network communication-based business logic, and not worry excessively about network low-level NIO implementation or network problems that are difficult to debug.
  • SOFABolt was developed to let middleware developers focus more on the implementation of products’ functional performance, and not on making the communication framework’s wheels over and over again.

Bolt takes its name from a Disney movie character. Bolt is a light, easy-to-use, high-performance, and flexibly scalable communication framework based on the Netty best practices. In the past few years, we have solved a lot of problems in terms of network communication for microservices and message oriented middleware. We have accumulated a lot of experience and have been constantly optimizing and improving our solutions. We hope that our solutions can be incorporated into the SOFABolt base component to serve more network communication scenarios. At present, SOFABolt has already been put to use in many Ant Middleware products, such as microservice products (SOFARPC), message queue, distributed transactions, distributed switches, and configuration centers.

Multiple languages supported