Use Docker to get started with Istio

Update time: 2019-10-25

This article describes how to quickly start installing and configuring Istio by using Docker Compose.

SOFAMosn can not only support the standard Istio deployment mode, but also support the unilateral Inbound Sidecar or Outbound Sidecar deployment mode to meet the various requirements of users.


  • Docker
  • Docker Compose

Install Istio

  1. Download the latest release package.
  2. Unzip the installation file and go to the decompressed path. The installation path contains:
    • Sample application path samples/.
    • The istioctl client executable file which is in the /bin path. The istioctl can be used to create routing rules and policies.
    • Configuration file istion.VERSION.
  3. Add the Istio’s bin path to your system’s PATH. For example, execute the following command in the MacOS or Linux operating system:

    export PATH=$PWD/bin;$PATH
    1. Pull up the Istio control plane container: SHELL docker-compose -f install/zookeeper/istio.yaml up -d
  4. Ensure that all Docker containers are running:

    docker ps -a

    If the Istio pilot container terminates unexpectedly, you can run the istioctl context-create command and re-execute the previous command. 6. Configure istioctl to use the Istio API server:

    istioctl context-create -context istio-local --api-server

Deploy application

Now, you can start deploying the SOFABoot demo program. The demo program includes a client and a server, which communicate with each other through Bolt protocol.

docker-compose up -f sofa-sample-spec.yaml up -d

Uninstall Istio

docker-compose up -f install/zookeeper/istio.yaml down