Introduction to SOFAMosn

Update time: 2019-07-25

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MOSN, the short name of Modular Observable Smart Network, is a powerful proxy acting as Service Mesh’s data plane like Envoy but written in Go. MOSN supports Envoy and Istio’s APIs and can be integrated with Istio, so we use MOSN instead of Envoy in SOFAMesh. The initial version of MOSN was jointly contributed by Ant Financial and UC Business Unit of Alibaba, and we look forward to the community to participate in the follow-up development and build an open source excellent project together.

Core competence

  • Integrated with Istio
    • Integrated with Istio 1.0 and V4 APIs to run based on full dynamic resource configuration
  • Core forwarding
    • Self-contained Web server
    • Support TCP proxy
    • Support TProxy mode
  • Multi-protocol
    • Support HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2
    • Support SOFARPC
    • Support Dubbo protocol (under development)
  • Core routing
    • Support Virtual Host routing
    • Support Headers/URL/Prefix routing
    • Support Host Metadata-based Subset routing
    • Support retry
  • Backend Management and load balancing
    • Support connection pool
    • Support throttling
    • Support active backend health check
    • Support load balancing strategies, such as Random and RR
    • Support Host Metadata-based Subset load balancing strategy
  • Observability
    • Observe network data
    • Observing protocol data
  • TLS
    • Support HTTP/1.1 on TLS
    • Support HTTP/2.0 on TLS
    • Support SOFARPC on TLS
  • Process management     + Support smooth reload     + Support smooth upgrade
  • Extension capability     + Support custom private protocols     + Support adding custom extensions in protocol at the TCP IO layer