Update time: 2019-08-20

Development plans of SOFAJRaft from April to July 2019

  1. (p1) Implement the Telnet service (or similar equivalents, the simpler the better) as an online troubleshooting means. It should be able to provide the following functions:
    • Raft_stat: List most or all stats of a Raft node.
    • Metrics: Uniformly display the latest values of all metrics for the current node (the related data is scattered in the log).
  2. (p1) Extension points: introduce the SPI mechanism. Some of the extension points are listed as follows:
    • LogStorage
    • LogEntry codec
    • RaftMetaStorage
    • Metrics
  3. (p1) Provide a manual rebalance API for the multi-raft-group scenario to balance the number of leaders on each node.
  4. (p2) Translate the document into multiple languages.
  5. (p2) Add a learner role that only replicates data and does not vote.
  6. (p3) Complete jepsen tests for RheaKV.