Load balance

Update time: 2024-04-10

SOFARPC provides a variety of load balancing algorithms and currently supports the following five types:

Type Name Description
random Random algorithm The default load balancing algorithm.
localPref Local preference algorithm Firstly detect whether the service is published locally, if not, random algorithm is used.
roundRobin Round Robin algorithm Method-level polling, the polling is carried out separately to each method, without affecting each other.
consistentHash Consistent hash algorithm The same method-level request is routed to the same node.
weightRoundRobin Weighted Round Robin algorithm Poll nodes by weight. Not recommended due to poor performance.

To use a specific load balancing algorithm, you can configure as follows:


If you reference the service using XML, you can configure it by setting the loadBalancer property of the sofa:global-attrs tag:

<sofa:reference interface="com.example.demo.SampleService" id="sampleService">
        <sofa:global-attrs loadBalancer="roundRobin"/>

In Annotation

It is currently not supported to configure a load balancing algorithm for a reference in Annotation. The function will be provided in subsequent releases.

In API under Spring environment

If you use the API in a Spring or Spring Boot environment, you can configure it by calling the setLoadBalancer method of BoltBindingParam:

BoltBindingParam boltBindingParam = new BoltBindingParam();

In API under non-Spring environment

If you directly use the bare API provided by SOFARPC in a non-Spring environment, you can configure it by calling the setLoadBalancer method of ConsumerConfig:

ConsumerConfig consumerConfig = new ConsumerConfig();