Retry strategy

Update time: 2019-06-21

SOFARPC supports a framework-level retry strategy when the cluster mode is FailOver (SOFARPC uses FailOver mode by default). Retry is only initiated if there is a framework-level exception or a timeout exception on the server. If the business itself throws an exception, the service will not be called again. SOFARPC does not perform any retry by default.

Note: Although the system will retry calling in case of timeout exception, the server still needs to guarantee the idempotency of the service. Otherwise there may be risks.


If you subscribe to the service using XML, you can set the number of retries by setting the retries parameter of sofa:global-attrs:

<sofa:reference jvm-first="false" id="retriesServiceReferenceBolt" interface="">
     <sofa:global-attrs retries="2"/>

Use Annotation

If you are using Annotation, you can set the retries attribute of @SofaReferenceBinding annotation:

@SofaReference(binding = @SofaReferenceBinding(bindingType = "bolt", retries = 2))
private SampleService sampleService;

Use API in Spring environment

If you are using the API in Spring environment, you can call the setRetries method of BoltBindingParam:

BoltBindingParam boltBindingParam = new BoltBindingParam();

Use API in non-Spring environment

If you are using the bare API of SOFARPC directly in non-Spring environment, you can call the setRetries method of ConsumerConfig:

ConsumerConfig<RetriesService> consumerConfig = new ConsumerConfig<RetriesService>();