Use annotation in SOFABoot

Update time: 2019-06-21

Use annotation for service publishing/reference

In addition to the regular xml mode, it is also supported to publish and reference services with annotation in the SOFABoot environment. Similar to xml, we provide @SofaService and @SofaReference as well as @SofaServiceBinding and @SofaReferenceBinding annotation for multi-protocol.

Service publishing

To publish an RPC service, you only need to add a @SofaService annotation on the bean to specify the interface and protocol type.

@SofaService(interfaceType = AnnotationService.class, bindings = { @SofaServiceBinding(bindingType = "bolt") })
public class AnnotationServiceImpl implements AnnotationService {
    public String sayAnnotation(String stirng) {
        return stirng;

Service reference

For a bean that needs to reference a remote service, you only need to add the Reference annotation on the attribute or method. This supports the bolt, dubbo, rest protocol.

public class AnnotationClientImpl {

    @SofaReference(interfaceType = AnnotationService.class, binding = @SofaReferenceBinding(bindingType = "bolt"))
    private AnnotationService annotationService;

    public String sayClientAnnotation(String str) {

        String result = annotationService.sayAnnotation(str);

        return result;

Use the demo

You can test in the annotation subproject of the sample project.